Apple A1243 keyboard

I was given an apple keyboard model A1243. The keyboard has a great feel for a low profile keyboard, but the default layout in Linux is a strange. This post gives the configurations to swap the Alt and Cmd keys and how to turn off the multimedia key so that function keys can be used… Read more »

Weather predictions with WRF, Part 1

WRF, or Weather Research and Forecasting model, is a system for numerical prediction of weather. I had to become familiar with the system because it was needed in one of the projects in my PhD. In this post I’ll describe how to configure the model for a simple forecasting run.

MCP79410 RTC on Raspberry Pi

I’ve been using MCP79410 RTC chip with Raspberry Pi for a few years. In the pre-systemd version of Raspbian there was an init.d script which took care of synchronizing time. On systemd it is different.